In Croatia will come the Frog Night

In Croatia will come the Frog Night
In Croatia will come the Frog Night

In Croatia, in the eastern part of Gorski Kotar mountain massif is located a small Croatian town of Lokve. It gained popularity among tourists thanks to the extraordinarily beautiful places near it. However, in late April in Lokve from all over Europe tourists come not to enjoy the local scenery, but to take part in funny entertainment event. On April 30, 2011, for the 36th year in Lokve will pass the Frog Night (Žabarska noć).

This is a kind of competition, where major athletes are frogs. The fact is that in the vicinity of the city is found a great variety of amphibians, and most of them are rare species and are under state protection. Lokve residents are so proud of this fact that made the frog a symbol of Lokve, and its image is placed on the coat of arms of the city. The idea of the competition is to determine, whose frog will make the longest jump. The winner is determined after three rounds, each of which lasts 60 seconds. Moreover, during the round you cannot touch the "athletes", it is strictly prohibited. You can only cheer their with your voice, and considering the number of participants of one round, which sometimes involves up to hundred of players, we can imagine the level of noise there. And in the morning on May 1 similar competitions are held for children. After completion all the jumpers are released, this is strictly monitored by judges and organizers of Žabarska noć. Except the event guests can visit the great fair of folk crafts, which is arranged on the main square and visit the museum of frogs, the only museum of its kind in the world.

During recent years more and more tourists choose Croatia for their holidays. This is not surprising, because it is considered to be one of the cleanest places in the world, in addition, in Croatia is the biggest number of sunny days in Europe - almost 300 sunny days per year. And thanks to the developed tourist infrastructure, here everybody will find holidays to his taste.

Ilya Kozlovskiy

Date: 11/04/2011

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