In Croatia are now available all PayPal services

In Croatia are now available all PayPal services
In Croatia are now available all PayPal services

Planning of holidays in Croatia for many Internet users will now be much easier. From 2011 in Croatia are formally to available all services of the international electronic payment system PayPal.

Earlier in Croatia PayPal was available for local residents only in one direction. System users were able to send payments, but the function of receiving money was closed to them. From now on all PayPal account holders can use this system for receiving money, according to Croatian Times.

It is worth noting that the use PayPal accounts is possible only for Croatian users, who are holders of Visa cards and have accounts in the U.S. banks.

The first version of the PayPal service was launched in 2000. In 2002 this service was bought by a system of electronic auctions eBay. The deal was amounted to about 1,5 billion dollars.

The ability to receive payments via PayPal promises to have a positive impact on online accommodation booking in Croatia. Croatian apartments, villas and flats throughout the country, including such well-known resorts as Split, Dubrovnik and Makarska, will be published by their owners on the Internet to make payments to the other members of the payment system. New payment terms promise to have impact primarily on the growth of budget travelers, for whom PayPal is the traditional means of payment. portal offers a large selection of accommodation in Croatia. Despite the fact that the portal does not yet support payments for accommodation in PayPal system, its users are able to use credit cards to pay. Currently the portal base has over 20,000 rental offers at resorts in Croatia.

Date: 19/03/2011

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