France proposes Versailles for shooting the next James Bond film

Versailles could be one of the sites of shootings of the next James Bond film. Photo: wikipedia
Versailles could be one of the sites of shootings of the next James Bond film. Photo: wikipedia
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France wants to become a platform for the next Bond film. It is possible that the next, the 23rd episode of the series about a secret agent James Bond, will be shot in the Versailles. In any case, as it became known to the French edition of L'Express, French film commission intends to seriously propose Versailles to EON Productions (the company engaged in filming of the legendary saga of the British spy) as authentic decorations to the movie.

The initiative of the French cinema commission was supported by a number of stakeholders. The idea to shoot the Palace of Versailles in the upcoming James Bond film is also supported by the municipality of Versailles and one of the luxury hotels of the respectable suburb of Paris Hotel Trianon Palace.

For the future film commission has now invited the creators of the picture to a number of possible large-scale scenes, which can be shot on the background of Versailles. Among them are chases in the gardens of Versailles, the race on high-speed boats on the Grand Canal and tricks with a helicopter on the roof of the palace.

The Palace of Versailles is one the most famous symbols of France. Along with the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre former residence of French kings is one of the attractions, mandatory for visiting among tourists making tours of Paris.

In addition to the tourist value Versailles is also known as a favorite venue in France for the filming of commercials and music videos. Rent for the filming of Versailles is about 15 000 euros per day. However, in the case of adoption by the authors of Bond the decision of selecting Versailles as the site of the next series, the administration of the Palace says it is ready to offer favorable conditions for the crew. In this case, the benefit to Versailles will be compensated by wide advertising and attracting the attention of tourists.

It should be noted that Bond series has become traditional promotional platform for tourism opportunities of a city. France itself was twice mentioned in the series. In 1985, the chase for the world-famous spy was shot on the streets of Paris. And in 2005 the beauties of French Riviera appeared before audience in "Casino Royale".

Date: 07/04/2010


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