The unique building in Spain has caused disputes

The unique building in Spain has caused disputes
The unique building in Spain has caused disputes

Costa Blanca, a popular summer resort area in Spain, not so long ago was in the focus of the Spanish public. The reason was a unique building, located near Torrevieja, a resort on the south of Costa Blanca.

The architectural pearl of Torrevieja - such a title could win a unique building, the project of which was developed by the Japanese architect Toyo Ito. Construction of building, which received the name of Parque de la Relajación or "Relaxation Park" was frozen in 2006. The reason for stopping of the construction is the violation of the Coast builders Act, which prohibits building houses in Spain in close proximity to the beaches and protected areas.

A unique complex of Parque de la Relajación was supposed to be a super-modern spa-hotel. For the location of the building was chosen an area just outside the Laguna of Torrevieja La Mata Natural Park. The project included the construction of three buildings. But to date only one is completed. Further works on the project were frozen. The decision to stop the construction was taken by the coast authorities in 2004, but the municipality of Torrevieja finally froze the construction only in 2006.

The situation with incomplete construction was again attracted the attention by the statement of the architect Nathalie Hydron at Alicante architectural exhibition. According to Hydron a unique piece of modern architecture is now in a deplorable condition. Copper, which was used for the covering of the roof of the building, disappeared. Thus, the structure, made mostly of wood, suffered from wind and precipitation. Authorities should promote the preservation and development of the architectural complex.

In turn, the municipality of Torrevieja is counting for the continuation of construction of the building. At the same time, a number of political powers on the Costa Blanca insist on a complete cessation of construction and the return of the territory of its original appearance. Either way, the fate of the unique building of Toyo Ito is not completely solved.

Date: 04/04/2010

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