Villas in Spain provoke baby boom

Villas in Spain provoke baby boom
Villas in Spain provoke baby boom
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Villas in Spain are popular not only because of the sea, sun, fruits and a rich cultural palette. Another reason to a special love of holiday in villas in Spain found portal. Thanks to the research, which was conducted among the couples vacationing in villas in Spain, it was found that a large number of tourists become pregnant during the rest in comfortable homes at the Mediterranean resorts in Spain.

Among the couples who participated in the survey - primarily British people - 36% of participants reported that they became pregnant during a weekend in a villa near the coast of Spain. Among the reasons that could explain such a success in terms of demographic phenomenon, respondents identified several factors. 12% of respondents said that perhaps the main reason is hot weather, which enhances the temperament and informs the brain and the body additional mobility and agility. Meanwhile, 24% were more honest and straightforward. Anomalous success of villas in Spain in procreation they explained by the habit to wear minimum of clothing on vacation, which itself provokes thoughts of having sex as soon as possible.

Another 8% of respondents in a number of reasons for the increase in fertility after the Spanish holiday called euphony of Spanish titles. Today the world is seeing the fashion for names that parents give their children according to the place of conception of their child. We can say that this fashion has established the celebrity couple of David and Victoria Beckham. They gave one of their children name in honor of the Brooklyn neighborhood in New York.

It should be noted that in the aspect of promoting sexual appetite Spanish cities can compete with "Viagra". Not so long ago, the Time magazine, which was completing the list of the sexiest cities on the planet put on one of the first places Spanish Seville. The most striking entourage, which most strongly stirs passions, according to the British journalists is the rhythms of flamenco, ancient palaces of the Moors and one of the highest in Spain summer temperatures.

Date: 22/03/2010


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