Dacha Complexes

Dacha complexes is just one of the most widespread ways to run a suburban farming. In this section you will find the articles both about famous and modest dacha complexes . You will also read about the most prestigious and famous dacha complexes of Russia and other countries. And then you will get to know many interesting things about less prominent settlements located in Eastern Europe.

Dacha complexes are the villages of a new type that are usually founded by the city dwellers. Nowadays these are the full-fledged settlements, however they seldom appear on geographical maps. The fact of the matter is that the names of the dacha complexes are usually taken from the nearby villages. Very often there are several times more houses in a dacha complex than in a village. Besides, if several years ago people came to dacha with the only aim "to plant and grow", then nowadays the situation is going to change. More and more people come to dachas just to have a rest. People still grow fruit and vegetables in their dachas but now they do it just for pleasure. Now very few gardeners try to get the maximum rich harvest from their dacha as it was in 1980’s.

A lot of dacha complexes receive additional names. As a rule, the names of dacha complexes are related to the professional activity of its residents. The matter is that formerly the land for dacha was allocated by a certain separate industry. That's why actually every large city of the former USSR is surrounded by numerous dacha complexes that have such names as “Architect”, “Metallurg”, “Transportnic” or “Medic”. However, some of them still have romantic names of former Socialist era: "Red October", "Leninets" or "Udarnik". The same approached was also applied to the titles of the children's summer camps in the USSR.

However, dacha complexes in the countries of CIS are gradually acquiring the features of the full-fledged villages. Now the majority of dacha complexes has its own streets, the standard package of amenities (water-gas-light-heat) and even the regular population. More and more people move to their dachas to escape from the city noise and fuss. So, it's very good that many dacha complexes are located just in hour or two drive from the city.


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