Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway near Moscow (or just Rublevka) is a highway along which perhaps the greatest dacha construction in the territory of the modern CIS started. There are dachas of the most well-to-do men of Russia here. Many people believe that those mansions that are built along the highway can’t be called dachas at all. Dacha is not a monument to own’s vanity but a place where one can have a rest, relax and communicate with nature.

However, the owners of the houses in Rublevka usually call their estates dachas. Zhukovka, Barvikha, Nikolina Gora – here you will find the main accumulation of the Russian VIP-persons’ houses.

The building boom started in Rublevka in the beginning of 1990’s when the first millionaires appeared in Russia. Rapidly earned money was spent with typically Russian lordliness. The land in Rublevka started swiftly rising in price.

The interest of well-to-do men to the plots of land in the region of Rublevka is easily explained. It was prestige to build a dacha in the vicinity of the highway because of the abundance of holiday homes of a presidential class. Besides, in the Soviet era the members of the bureaucratic elite like members of foreign ministry, military chiefs, etc preferred to build their dachas here.

During the building boom there were built many other establishments here starting with the service stations to fitness centers and tennis courts. However, the problem of traffic jams on Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway is still urgent. If at the usual hour the way from Zhukovka to Moscow will take you only half an hour, then in rush hours you take your chance to spend no less than 2 hours just staying in a car queue.

As for the cost of land, then it is literary golden here. The price for one hundred square meters is close to $120,000. But it seems there is no lack of purchasers. There are about 70 dacha complexes in Rublevka. The most popular houses here are the cottages of 500 square meters located on the plot of land of 30 – 40 square meters. Besides, now the demand for houses at the price of more than $10,000,000 is growing.

So, it is proved again that Moscow with its enormous financial streams and public used to luxury falls out of the common picture of Russia as well as the mansions in Rublevka that are still considered to be dachas for some reason.