Praleski dacha complex is located in environmentally clean zone in 50 km to the north from Minsk. Praleski is one of the numerous dacha communities that appeared in the beginning of 1980's. The majority of dacha owners here are architects.

In translation from Belarusian the name "Praleski" means snowdrops. As soon as spring comes here, the land in the vicinity of the dacha complex is covered with a great number of small blue flowers. At this time of the year it is especially beautiful here.

Dachas in Praleski are surrounded by a forest: from the one part it is a pine forest and from the other - it is a birch grove. The air here is unusually clean and transparent.

Having a rest in Praleski in summer, you will be able to enjoy nature and charm of the place in full.

Here you will have a chance to take a stream in real Russian bath, make barbecue on fire, taste vegetables right from vegetable patches, learn the Belarusian and Russian Folk songs and sing them to the guitar. In Praleski you really will feel the cordiality and amicability of the Belarusians and their true hospitality.