What Vaccination?

Vaccination offers the safest protection from infections. That’s why most people in all over the world are being vaccinated against a multiplicity of diseases in the early infancy. These vaccination include such diseases as tetanus, diphtheria, poliomyelitis (children paralysis) and whooping cough. But a vaccination will hardly protect you all life long. Many people should be vaccinated again at least once in 10 years

Besides, a journey is a good opportunity for you to check it with your physician if your vaccinations still protect you and then to get to know what other vaccinations you should take up before you can go to this or that country for your vacation.

If you decide for a comprehensive travel-medical consultation, then in addition to the numerous information and helpful tips you are to get further important health precaution measures that you are to follow during the journey. E.g. food and water hygiene and protection from mosquito passes. In some regions of the world the mosquitoes transfer diseases against which there is still no vaccination.

As numerous destinations and kinds of vacation are very individual, the necessary vaccination protection also must be determined. The first overview of potential travel vaccinations gives the listing below. A travel-medical consultation cannot replace it however. The comprehensive vaccination protection is more important the further a journey is. This especially applies to the trips to the countries with warm climate. Thus a yellow fever vaccination is strongly recommended if you are going to travel to some regions in Africa and South America. However, you should consider being vaccinated if you are also going to other countries that are not so remote as Africa. E.g. the risk to get sick with a hepatitis A in Southern Italy is eight times higher than in Germany, and in Turkey is it 50 times higher. Hepatitis A is a form of the jaundice that is transferred by the contaminated food.

If you go on a summer vacation to Bavarian forest or e.g. to certain regions of Austria and Sweden, then you should be vaccinated against encephalitis in time. It is an illness that is transferred by Zecken and that can take heavy processes.

If you want to get to know what inoculations are recommended for the country you are going to spend your vacation in, look here www.crm.de/laender.