Since June 2007 numerous legal health insurance companies refund the costs of all important vaccinations to their insured clients if they go abroad for the first time. Nowadays, in addition to the vaccinations against tetanus and diphtheria they also vaccination against hepatitis A, hepatitis B and rabies, too. A part of health insurances expanded their service range even on the malaria prophylaxis. Very often people underestimate the health dangers that are connected with a trip abroad. Besides, people often neglected the travel-medical precaution due to the costs of protective vaccinations. Now the optimal possibility of arranging the risk prevention is offered to travelers because vaccination belongs to the most important and most effective precaution measures. It is possible to prevent many illnesses of holiday-makers if vaccination protection is co-coordinated with the destination.

We have arranged important information about vaccination and the substantial reimbursement of their costs with private journeys abroad for you.

What Vaccination?

Vaccination offers the safest protection from infections. That’s why most people in all over the world are being vaccinated against a...