10 unique destinations for weddings and honeymoons

10 unique destinations for weddings and honeymoons
10 unique destinations for weddings and honeymoons

Everyone is waiting for summer - the hottest time not only for recreation and travels, but also for the wedding photographers. So, the famous British newspaper Daily Mail published a list of the ten most unique places to spend an exotic honeymoon.

1. Tanzania - combine beach holidays of your dream in Zanzibar with safari in the Serengeti National Park.

2. Burma would be an incredible discovery for many tourists. It offers unique culture, beautiful temples, amazing holiday cottages on the lakes and wedding blessings from Buddhist monks.

3. Borneo - exotic enticing jungle, fragrant spicy ethnic dishes, wonderful meetings with orangutans, luxury boutiques, hotels at reasonable prices and beautiful beaches will make the honeymoon the most memorable event in your life.

4. Namibia is one of the best destinations not only for exotic holidays in Africa, but also for a romantic travel on a balloon in the picturesque sunset in the desert, or breakfast with champagne under the clouds.

5. Japan - getting acquainted with the exotic culture of the country of the rising sun and such unique traditions as «hadaka no tsukiai» - bathing in hot springs.

6. Greece - the island of Ikaria in the Aegean Sea can boast of attractive beaches and picturesque sunsets similar to the famous and more visited Santorini Island, but favorably differs by lower prices.

7. Australia - gorgeous beaches, the best Australian wines and wonderful safari, which will bring the newlyweds to the most remote corners of the West Australian Kimberley region.

8. United Kingdom - amazing scenery of the Lake District in the English National Wildlife Refuge and swimming in the crystal waters will raise not only mood, but also libido.

9. Argentina - romantic tango lessons in the heart of Buenos Aires and wine tasting in the province of Mendoza.

10. Kyrgyzstan - treat yourself with exotic honeymoon in a cozy yurt on the shore of an alpine lake Issyk-Kul, conquer the Pamir mountain range and enjoy spectacular views of the Altai Valley.

Date: 12/04/2012

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