Christmas markets in Germany: Cologne

Christmas in Germany
Christmas fairs in Germany are in full swing
Christmas Eve in Germany is the time of thousand lights and hundreds of Christmas fairs, which create good mood and provide for an opportunity to become acquainted with cultural features and traditions of one or another region of the country. Christmas markets in Cologne are among the most exciting and vibrant street markets, which can be seen in Germany in December.

Dozens of street fairs are opened in Cologne before the Christmas. Among them there are some of the most famous, oldest and greatest, which originate in the Middle Ages, as well as several new fairs, which recently introduced, but already managed to win the love of Cologne citizens and guests.

Am Dom fair in Cologne Cathedral is the most popular Christmas market of the city. Near the famous cathedral are installed about 160 pavilions, where you can find many handmade souvenirs, try the honey cakes and warm flavored mulled wine. Each year the fair is visited by about 2 million people. At the fair is located the biggest Christmas tree among all cities of the Rhine Valley. At the Cologne Fair you can find candles, leather goods, handmade baskets, teddy bears, Christmas toys, dolls and wooden toys. It is one of the most popular pre-Christmas tours in Germany.

Alter Markt Christmas Fair is located in the heart of the old town of Cologne, in front of the City Hall just 200 meters from the Cologne Cathedral. This market is popular among the young people from foreign countries. In addition, there is a huge selection of children rides ranging from bright carousels to the grotto of Santa Claus. The grotto is watched by the dwarfs’ figures, which are installed in numerous tents and pavilions of the Alter Markt in Cologne. The local dwarfs even have their own name - Heinzelmännchen.

Neumarkt Fair, which also known as Angel Markt, despite the fact that the name of the fair is translated as "new market", is known as one of the oldest Christmas markets in Cologne. Here can be bought the most exquisite souvenirs and the most elegant Christmas gifts. The fair is organized on several major shopping streets of Cologne, including Hohe Strasse and Schildergasse. Neumarkt in Cologne is also famous for its huge ice rink.

Cologne children Christmas markets, first of all, are presented by a small market on the Rudolfplatz, which is devoted to the famous Brothers Grimm fairy tales. Another popular children market is the Medieval Christmas Fair, which is located near the Museum of Chocolate on the banks of the Rhine near the Severinsbrücke Bridge.

Cologne port is a place where are located the newest popular Christmas markets of the city. And one of them is floating on the ship «Wappen von Mainz». This Christmas market is located near one of the Cologne attractions - Malakoff Tower. Another fair is held in the river port of Cologne. Christmas Pavilions of the Cologne port fair are built as pagodas and sailers and tell the guests about the sea, which is the main theme of shopping.

Finally, the traditional Stadtgarten Fair located on the outskirts of the city's main park charms by the German countryside atmosphere, which today can rarely be met in Germany. It is an ideal place to try German cuisine and beer.

Ilya Kalachev

Photo: Marcus Lenk

Date: 17/12/2011

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