Monaco is № 1 Internet state

Monaco is № 1 Internet state
Monaco is № 1 Internet state

Monaco was named the country with the highest percentage of Internet users among the world nations. According to the site, over 97.6% of the Monaco population has personal Internet access. The population of Monaco today is about 29 000 people.

Monaco is followed by is Iceland, where the percentage of Internet users is exactly 97%. After Iceland is another Northern European country - Norway, where 94.4% of citizens have Internet access. Norway is also followed by the Scandinavian country - Sweden, where the number of Internet users is 92% of the population.

According to the portal, about 44% of Internet users live in Asia. The share of Europe accounts for just over 22%.

China remains the country with the largest number of individual connections to the Internet. Here about 126 million users have a wideband network connection. United States hold the second place with 81.7 million users. The next is Japan - 34 million users.

Now when evaluating the Internet coverage are considered not only the number of connections to the Internet, but also the number of registered social networks’ users. This refers first to Facebook. To date the largest Facebook audience lives in the U.S., Germany and India. And, according to the comScore report, the highest percentage of Facebook users, who have access to the network, have Southern American countries. For example, in Chile about 90% of Internet users opened their pages on Facebook. In Argentina the figure is slightly lower - 89.9%. Rather high level of Facebook users is in Peru (89.3%), Colombia (89.5%) and Venezuela (86.9%). The leaders by the number of Facebook users are the Philippines (93.5%) and Turkey (92.5%).

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 30/10/2011

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