Crab festival is held in Norway

Crab in Norway is a festival totem

On October 26, 2011 in a small town of Vadsø in northern Norway will begin the Festival of the king crab (Polar Spectacle), which will last for three days. It is timed to the end of the season of catching crabs. The season of catching king crabs in Norway lasts for 3 months from October to December, so return of sailors with the first catch is celebrated with big festivals.

Being initially only a local festival, in recent years the Festival of king crabs has become increasingly popular among the tourists. Only in Vadsø during 3 days of the holiday tourists can not only take part in the fisher’s festivities, but also try a great delicacy - the meat of the red king crab, which the locals know how to cook with a hundred diverse ways.

Polar Spectacle program includes cooking classes and wine tasting, during which the guests can enjoy half-raw and smoked crab meat with sweet and spicy sauces, shrimps, mussels, fish, and also understand the secrets of the Norwegian cuisine. For children are organized special entertainment and educational activities. All these events take place on the main square of Vadsø, but this is not the whole holiday. On the central pier also take place festive events. Here tourists can watch the street theaters performance about the life of fishermen, take part in a large number of sports events and even participate in the King Crabs Safari (diver license is needed). The task is to catch a crab with your own hands. It is despite the fact that some species can reach the weight of 15 kilos and have legs with powerful half-meter claws. Those, who scared or could not plunge into the water, stand on the shore and watch the competition, in which boat teams try to catch the biggest crab in two hours.

Ilya Kozlovskiy

Photo: Michail Buko

Date: 27/10/2011

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