Segway park was opened in Denmark

Segway park was opened in Denmark
Segway park was opened in Denmark

In a country that gave the world Legoland, was opened completely new format amusement park. Denmark will offer a unique track for the fans of segways.

Segway is one of the latest innovations of green urban transport, which is a two-wheeled scooter driven by one person. Segway runs on electricity. It was officially presented in 2002. Then the creators of a new form of transport called it revolutionary. Segway can reach the speeds of up to 19 km per hour.

Track for off-road segway races was opened in the second largest city in Denmark - Aarhus. It is a small replica of the famous USA Yellowstone National Park. The new attraction is called Aarhus Segworld Park.

On the total area of 6000 square meters Segworld Park owners created a real Yellowstone miniature with mountains, waterfalls and trails faced with granite and sea shells. All this grandeur is located under the roof.

According to the park creators, the opportunity to ride in Segworld Park it is something like a magic carpet ride and downhill skiing in the Alps. For those, who love adventures and want to compete on segways in Segworld Park, there are special tracks with electronic stopwatches.

The creators of the park call it the first park of such kind in the world.

On the eve of the park opening were held test segway races, in which the best results unexpectedly were shown by women, who were more successful in off-road races than men.

According to the French edition Figaro, in Aarhus in the near future will arrive the representatives of the main segway manufacturer - US Segway, which will come to Denmark in order to explore the new opportunities offered by Segworld Park.

According to Paul Teichert, the owner of a new project, Segworld Park fully meets the safety requirements. Its tracks were approved by the Danish police and the Danish Technological Institute.

Ilya Kalachev

Date: 24/10/2011

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