Beer and whiskey festival in Stockholm

Beer and whiskey festival in Stockholm
Beer and whiskey festival in Stockholm

Autumn months continue to please tourists with numerous gastronomic festivals. In late September Sweden invites all connoisseurs of alcoholic beverages for the annual Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival, which is traditionally held in the exhibition center Nacka Strandmässan, located near Stockholm. The center building was constructed in the 19th century. Previously it housed a car factory, but now it is a perfect venue for various celebrations, banquets, exhibitions, meetings and conferences.

Beer and whiskey festival was organized for the first time in 1992 and each year was becoming more popular. It is is now the best known, the most popular and the largest festival of this type in the world. Last year the festival brought together more than thirty thousand people. In 2011 Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival celebrates 20th anniversary and the organizers expect a record number of visitors. On our portal you can find suitable cottages or apartments in Stockholm and its suburbs or book accommodation for the festival online.

On September 29-30 and October 1 and 6-8 the guests will enjoy a very interesting and rich program. Over thousands alcohol producers will exhibit their products. Visitors of the festival will have the opportunity to taste a record number of different types of whiskey, beer, cider and calvados in the 1st hall of the exhibition center. Three years ago the organizers expanded the range and scope of the festival and included such beverages as wine, tequila, champagne and rum, which can be tasted in the 2nd hall of the center.

In addition to tasting of favorite drinks the festival will be filled with meetings, seminars, conferences, lectures, consultations on manufacturing, using and mixing of alcohol and combination with many gastronomic foods, as well as musical performances, various competitions, contests, fairs, where you tourists can buy their favorite drinks and have a lot of fun. And, of course, at the festival will be many tasty dishes. Cafes and restaurants provide guests with a great variety of national dishes.
At the end of the festival the jury will sum up the results of the contest and will announce the winners in the categories "best whiskey" and "best beer" 2011.

Important information: you must be over 20 years to visit Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival.

Olga Naidion

Date: 15/09/2011

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