Holidays in Switzerland: European Heritage Days

Holidays in Switzerland: European Heritage Days
Holidays in Switzerland: European Heritage Days

This weekend in Switzerland will be held the traditional European Heritage Days. More than 750 historical, architectural and natural sites will be available for everyone on 10 and 11 September. Since the theme of European Heritage Days this year is "water" and everything in it, for the tours in Switzerland will be opened several newly renovated historic bridges, canals, dams, water mills, shipyards and even hydro power plant (the oldest in the country).

As part of the European Heritage Days, in Geneva suburb, near the Pont Butin bridge will be held a historic festival, which will include knight jousts, as well as theatrical performances about the history of the Swiss Confederation and the legend of William Tell. And in the Geneva will be held the Youth Environmental Conference dedicated to protection of waters from pollution.

European Heritage Days are held not only in Switzerland. This cultural event supports 49 European countries over 18 years. This means that everywhere in Europe September weekends are the days, when are opened to the public a set of objects (museum exhibits and wildlife sanctuaries, private exhibitions and collections), and monuments, which practically can’t be visited in everyday life. Entrance to most of these events is free or visitors pay a symbolic fee. portal offers to book online chalets, villas and apartments in Switzerland for those, who intend to travel in the Alps for the weekend.

It is worth noting that in every country European Heritage Days are held in different time. In each country Heritage Days are devoted to a particular topic. Therefore, many tourists plan their trips across Europe in such way to visit countries celebrating European heritage days. According to the forecasts, this year about 20 million people will visit 30,000 landmarks and places across Europe.

Ilya Kozlovskiy

Date: 10/09/2011

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