A big puppet festival in Porto

A big puppet festival in Porto
A big puppet festival in Porto

In the second-largest city of Portugal Porto that is located on the north-west of the country will be held annual International Festival of Puppet Theatre (Festival Internacional de Marionetas do Porto 2011) from 16 to 25 September. The festival annually brings together thousands of adult fans who come to the city from all over Europe.

Holidays in Portugal in September acquaint traveler with a mild and comfortable velvet season of Atlantic. International Puppet Theater Festival in Porto allows you to enjoy resort beauties of the country with children and visit one of the largest puppet festivals in the world.

Program of the festival is diverse and includes Puppet Theater, puppet animation as well as performances with various everyday objects that are represented in the main roles. The festival Puppet Theater doesn’t have specific reference to the place. Events take place in various halls and venues of the city and some of them on streets. As the Festival Internacional de Marionetas do Porto collects the best groups from all over the world, so puppet shows are hold in different languages. Besides puppet shows the festival also includes music concerts, art exhibitions, master classes and many other cultural events.

Porto attracts attention of tourists for a long time, and not only due to numerous celebrations and festivals. Porto has a rich history that is displayed in the architecture of the city. Porto is often called the city of bridges, the oldest bridge is Dona Maria Pia was designed by famous architect Gustave Eiffel in 1877. Among other attractions visitors are interested in the highest in Portugal (75 m) tower Torre dos Klerigush built in Baroque style, pompous Palacio da Bolsa, and Se Cathedral (XII century.) built at the top of a granite rock.

Ilya Kozlovskiy

Date: 07/09/2011

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