Gourmet Festival in Madrid

Gourmet Festival in Madrid
Gourmet Festival in Madrid

On April 11 Spanish capital Madrid welcomes all lovers of haute cuisine at the annual gourmet festival, which will take place for the 25th time (25th Salon de Gourmets Fair).

Madrid has been famous for its fine cuisine and the fact that you can taste the culinary delights from around the world, and sushi served in a Japanese restaurant will satisfy even the most demanding Japanese and Hungarian goulash in a restaurant would be no worse than in Budapest. It is no wonder that Madrid is called the "city of restaurants". Perhaps, that is why the international gourmet club (Internacional del Club de Gourmets) chose Madrid for their headquarters and the venue of the annual festival. During the Salon de Gourmets Fair each visitor will be able to try any of more than 35 thousand delicacies, prepared according to unique recipes using only the freshest products.

In addition to numerous tastings, master classes from leading European chefs and educational lectures (for the first time this year will be held special lectures for children) at the festival will be held traditional gourmet tournament. It will bring together about 700 chefs from around the world. At the first stage of the tournament will be held National Ham Carving Contest, which is not so simple as it seems, and judges will take into account everything - style of cutting, speed, ingenuity, the thickness of slices and artistry. At the second stage chefs will compete in the art of cooking. During three hours they will have to cook 4 dishes: one meat, two of their choice and mandatory meal - baked sea bass. Sea bass is a universal fish that has a great subtle taste and is very popular in Mediterranean countries, which distinctive feature is huge number of recipes to cook it. On the last day of the festival will be held closing ceremony and presentation of awards and commendations. Salon de Gourmets Fair enjoys great authority in the culinary world and its winners can rightly consider themselves as the best chefs of the world.

Ilya Kozlovskiy

Date: 12/04/2011

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