France will celebrate the Day of Music

France will celebrate the Day of Music
France is preparing to celebrate the Day of Music

On the day of summer solstice on June 21 the whole France celebrates the Day of Music (Fête de la Musique). This relatively young festival appeared in France in 1982, but it quickly won the adulation and popularity. Currently Music Day is celebrated in more than one hundred countries around the world, but, according to most tourists and musicians, the greatest scope and spectacle it has in its homeland, France.

To conduct the first Fête de la Musique on the longest summer day suggested the then Minister of Culture Jacques Langres. The holiday was conceived as "a symbol of the fraternal association of all people through music - the most international of the arts". Its purpose is to demonstrate the breadth and diversity of the music in the world, as well as organizational assistance to young music bands.

On June 21, 2010 songs and music will fill Paris, they will be heard everywhere: in concert halls and clubs, stadiums and cafes, just on the streets and in parks, even in the subway. Music of all styles and trends in the performance of world-renowned stars and emerging artists, it is simply impossible to find a quiet corner in the capital of France on the summer solstice. The fee to listen to performances no matter symphony orchestra or street percussionists will be free, even the most popular groups on that day play for free. This year is expected the presence of over 1000 bands from all over Europe.

In June 2010 Fête de la Musique will be held for the 29th time and according to the organizers, the theme of this festival will be "Women in Music". It's no secret that until recently some of music trends seemed to be "banned" for females, but recently things changed dramatically. Now women's names can be seen on posters of absolutely any music events, whether it is DJs rave parties or music groups performing in the style of hard rock. Composers, conductors, jazz singers, thanks to the talent and strength of character women gained a rightful place in the music world.

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Date: 15/06/2010

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