In Denmark is held the largest carnival in Scandinavia

In Denmark is held the largest carnival in Scandinavia
In Denmark is held the largest carnival in Scandinavia
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On these days Denmark is one of the festival centers in Europe. On May 24, 2010 in the ancient Danish city of Aalborg has begun the largest carnival in Northern Europe. The theme for the carnival every year is new, so for example, last year it was «La Dolce Vita» (Sweet Life), and this is "Mars and Venus." And here are meant not astronomical objects, but relations between the sexes.

Carnival in Aalborg is quite young (it was first organized 29 years ago) and can’t boast of such an established tradition as the Venetian or the carnival in Nice, but its popularity is growing so rapidly that by the number of participants and guests it may compete with the best entertainment events in Europe . So, for example, the number of participants this year will be about 30,000, visitors and tourists are expected to more than 150 thousand.

In the program are included usual carnival parades, outdoor concerts and performances, grand fireworks, light shows and other things. But the thing that distinguishes the Carnival in Aalborg from other similar events is a special children program. Not just some children's activities, but the Children Carnival, where young viewers can expect cartoon characters, clowns, masquerade parades, in which can take part any child, and many other attractions. Every year in the children masquerade parade participate about six thousand children. The Karolinelund park (entrance fee - 125 DKK), as well as in the Kildeparken park (entrance 30 DKK), on the feast day is established a large number of attractions for children for the most diverse tastes. However, adults will not be bored, too, the procession of carnival groups, live music, special parties in nightclubs and holiday fairs, all this not leave unimpressed any visitor and will be remembered for many years.

Aalborg is the largest city in northern Jutland and the fourth largest city in Denmark. Having a long history the city is a great place for fans of attractions. Exactly here is located De Danske Spritfabrikker's (“Danish spirit processing plant”) - the world's largest enterprise that produces strong alcohol - aquavit.

Date: 30/05/2010


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