European economy suffers huge losses due to cancellation of flights

European airliners can’t take off
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In connection with the largest volcanic eruption of Ejafjadlajokudl occurred in Iceland, from Thursday April 15 in Europe are paralyzed practically all the major airports. The airspace of the European continent was closed. Tens of thousands of flights both civil and military are cancelled.

Huge clouds of volcanic ash of Ejafjadlajokudl in Iceland almost completely paralyzed airports in Europe. At the moment, the airspace of 17 European countries including Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and others is closed. According to Eurocontrol since Thursday were cancelled more than 63 000 flights across Europe. On Sunday, April 18 were committed only 5,000 flights compared to 24 000 that were planned. On Monday, the no more than 30% of regular flights in European airspace are expected to be completed. At the moment, the partial opening of air space in the next few days is planned in the Czech Republic, Romania and Denmark.

Eruption of Ejafjadlajokudl caused huge damage not only to the largest European budget airlines and the tourism sector, but also to the European economy as a whole. Catastrophic consequences for the airlines can derive from a volcanic eruption. The everyday total loss of European airlines is about $ 250 million. According to the Economist for Europe of Royal Bank of Scotland Group Jacques Caloix, the loss of the European economy from a lack of staff in the workplaces due to the cancellation of flights will be up to $ 500 million a day. According to the EU transport commissioner Siim Callas, the impact of volcanic eruption of Ejafjadlajokudl can cause more damage to the airline industry than the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States.

The main reason for the cancellation of flights is the safety due to the huge emissions of volcanic ash, which is a dangerous mixture of glass, sand and very small particles of rock capable of causing considerable damage to the engine airliner. Currently, ACI Europe in collaboration with the Association of European Airlines has established a joint petition demanding the authorities to review such stringent restrictions on flights in the European airspace. Major airlines such as British Airways, Lufthansa, KLM and others conduct their own independent test flights in the area of the airspace recognized as dangerous to prove the safety of flights.

Alesia Belaya

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Date: 23/04/2010


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