Barcelona is preparing to celebrate Sant Jordi

Barcelona is preparing to celebrate Sant Jordi
Barcelona is preparing to celebrate Sant Jordi
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On April 23, 2010 in Spain will be celebrated a holiday of Sant Jordi, or St. George. Spain is famous worldwide for its lush colorful festivals and the Spaniards themselves has a reputation of great specialists in regard to entertainment and fun, whether it is bull-fighting, the burning of giant puppets at Fallas or tomato battle in Bunyola. However, even such sophisticated connoisseurs note the celebration of Sant Jordi, which is celebrated annually in Catalonia for the last 575 years. The fact is that for the Catalans the day of St. George has the same meaning as the Valentine's Day for the rest of the world. Especially colorful and romantic this holiday is celebrated in the capital of Catalonia and the second largest city in Spain - Barcelona. On this day the whole Barcelona is decorated with bright red roses and on the streets and squares of the city there are held concerts and theatrical performances, and numerous cafes and restaurants offer visitors a special menu, the pairs who came that day are given a significant discount.

The traditions of the holiday are originated from an old romantic legend, according to which St. George (who is the patron saint of Catalonia) while saving the beautiful princess from the dragon struck him with a spear. From the blood of the dragon grew a bright crimson rose, which George gave to his sweetheart. Since then according to the tradition in Sant Jordi boys give their girls red roses and girls give them books (echo of another ancient custom). In addition in any confectioner of Barcelona you can buy cakes with dragons decorated with the same red roses and inscription St. Jordi.

The celebration ends at midnight with a bright spectacular presentation, which takes place on the main square. Here, with the onset of darkness are gathering "dragons" that breathe fire and emit a terrible roar, but at midnight there appears "St. George" and defeat all his enemies. And in the jaws of each monster appears on a bouquet of red roses.

Located on the Mediterranean coast magnificent Barcelona is the most visited tourist destination in Spain. Tourists visiting the city, above all, want to see the symbols of Barcelona - Sagrada Familia and Guell Park - creations of talented hands of a brilliant architect Antonio Guadi.

During Sant Jordi offers to rent apartments in Barcelona as well as villas and cottages around the Catalan capital.

Date: 11/04/2010


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