In Germany you can swim with the penguins

In Germany you can swim with the penguins
In the German city Lübbenau people can swim with the penguins

The original idea of attracting tourists and lovers of nature for visiting the water park was coined by the administration of «Spreewelten» Water Park in the German city of Lübbenau). Now visitors can not only relax and rest in the spa complex and enjoy the beauty of the underwater world, but also swim in the pool with real penguins.

Twelve penguins were moved some time ago from the «Cottbus» zoo to the water park of «Spreewelten», which is one of the most modern swimming pools in Europe for the keeping of birds in captivity. There were also re-created the landscapes of South American continent with nests and winter quarters, which are the natural habitats for penguins.

Facilitated for the penguins swimming pool is separated from the public bath only with a glass partition. Thus, visitors of the water complex can not only admire the birds from the lookout, but immediately plunge into their lifestyle and swim in the immediate vicinity.
The idea of integrating the two pools in a single set was coined by the administration of Water Park willy-nilly. The company of Kristallwelten GmbH Sauna & Bath in Lübbenau recently lost a hefty part of their visitors and needed a completely original method to attract customers.

The city was faced with stiff competition with many other water parks located in the suburbs, when new services and equipment were not sufficient to attract visitors. The original solution of using penguins came to their minds unexpectedly. "In the popularity charts of animals, penguins hold the second place after the elephants", - said the manager of the complex Axel Kopsch.

Despite the fact that the project was unexpected for urban society and the authorities, the resort gained fame thanks to the penguins. Currently, the complex of «Spreewelten» is visited up to 1000 people daily.

Date: 04/04/2010

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