Madrid implements zones of speed limits

Madrid implements zones of speed limits
The speed limit in Madrid aims at reducing the noise background in the capital of Spain
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Driving in Madrid in the near future promises to be a difficult task. The authorities in Madrid are going to reduce the noise level in the capital of Spain. For this goal the City Council of Madrid plans to limit high-speed driving in the city in several areas: 30, 40 and 50 kilometers per hour.

The first new restriction promises to be a "Zone 30" plan. Speed limit of “Area 30” will mainly stretch on the central streets of the capital of Spain.

The "Area 30" plan of limiting the speed in Madrid will operate in the vicinity of the capital's schools, hospitals and cultural centers. The main objective of such measures is reduction of noise pollution. The city authorities hope that with the adoption of new rules "noise" in Madrid will be significantly reduced.

Today the "Area 30" plan has already been applied in a number of streets in Madrid. However, after the adoption of a new administrative regulation the practice of individual cases will be replaced by integrated measures, which will cover not individual streets, but the whole districts of Madrid.

These measures the authorities of Madrid introduce according with the “Plan of Combating noise pollution”. The plan includes a number of measures for reducing noise pollution in the capital of Spain. Thus, in addition to the restrictions for car owners, the Madrid government is also considering the use on the central streets of the city a special Noise-Control pavement. It is expected to apply such a surfacing in areas of the city with a speed limit of 50 km / h. Also in the plans of reducing noise pollution is restricting of truck traffic on city streets in the evening.

However, Madrid has not finally decided the scope of the new rules of the road. The authorities only reported that once the new order comes into force, its execution will be organized properly and monitored by the local police. This implies, first of all, the increase in the number of guards with radars on the streets of Madrid. The restriction would surely not apply to the main ring roads in Madrid: M-30, M-40 and M-50

Date: 17/03/2010


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