Ireland and the whole world celebrates St. Patrick's Day

Ireland and the whole world celebrates St. Patrick's Day
Ireland and the whole world celebrates St. Patrick's Day
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On March 17, 2010 the whole Ireland celebrates one of its most favorite holidays - St. Patrick's Day. In the fifth century, St. Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland, and now for more than 15 centuries, it has been considered as the patron saint of the green island. So the day of commemorating of St. Patrick's is a national holiday, which is eagerly awaited not only in Ireland itself, but throughout the world, anyone who considers himself an Irishman, and as the saying goes "on March 17 the entire planet becomes Ireland or Ireland is growing to the size of Earth." But of course the most magnificent celebration of St. Patrick’s Day is held in Dublin - the capital of the Republic of Ireland. On this day, according to the tradition throughout the city are arranged lavish parades involving people dressed in costumes (red wigs and green caps) and also brass bands, each of which will certainly have some bagpipes. Noisy celebrations are continued throughout the day and end late in the evening with a grand display of fireworks.

Celebrating of St. Patrick’s Day has already outgrown the boundaries of the "Emerald Isle" and now is celebrated in all major cities of the world. On this day people wear green clothes, the buildings are "dress up" in green, and in Chicago is painted in green even the urban river. Because green is the color of spring, the shamrock and the national color of Ireland, so the real Irish Whiskey "Jameson" is bottled in green glass bottles.

Saint Patrick is one of the most revered saints in Christianity. More than two thousand cathedrals and churches around the world are devoted to his name. The most famous of which is built in 1192 in Dublin St. Patrick's Cathedral. His name is linked with many legends and stories; so for example, it is believed that St. Patrick using the three-sheeted clover (shamrock) explained to people the concept of the Holy Trinity. "Just as the three leaves can grow from one stem, so God can be one in three persons" - that phrase has long been a textbook. In addition it is believed that the Holy banished all snakes from the island, which still can be seen in Ireland only in terrariums.

Date: 16/03/2010


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