Las Fallas 2010: grand carnival in Spain

Las Fallas 2010: grand carnival in Spain
Las Fallas 2010: grand carnival in Spain
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Las Fallas 2010. The triumph of fire. On March 1, 2010 in Valencia, Spain will start one of the most prominent festivals of Spain. Spain is known around the world for its grand celebrations, which annually attract millions of tourists from all around the world in this wonderful sunny country. There are held numerous fiestas, carnivals and, of course, bullfights that are simultaneously organized across the country, but not everyone knows that in Spain there are also a lot of holidays that are held only in one region or area. But in the scale and spectacle these "local" holidays are not inferior to the national festivals.

Las Fallas belongs to one of these celebrations and is held in the third-largest city in Spain - Valencia. The parades this year began with the beginning of spring, but the most striking events will be held in Valencia from 15 to 20 March 2010. Las Fallas is a festival of fire and spring and is devoted to the day of St. Joseph (March 19), who is the patron saint of carpenters and Valencia. One of the most popular versions of creating Fallas is connected with St. Joseph. It was believed that in old times on this day the guild of carpenters burned accumulated during the winter wood waste as well as various old things in the first place - the lighter support, which became useless due to the long daylight. Gradually unnecessary pieces of wood began to dress in old clothes, turning it into a scarecrow, which was burning at the fire. Later, dressed scarecrow took human shape, as a rule, repeating some characters. Thus was created "Ninot" (doll) - the main element of the Las Fallas festival. The parade of giant platforms with dolls made of papier-mache, symbolizing the human vices, is one of the key events of Fallas. Ninot dolls have long become a symbol not only of the festival, but the whole Spain.

Afterwards Fallas included more complex rituals and became increasingly popular both in Valencia and throughout the autonomous region of the same name. This year, from March17 to 18 the tourists will be able to attend one of the most important ceremonies of the festival – the Presentation of flowers to the Virgin Mary de los Desamparados. During all days of the Fallas on the City Hall square will be held mascletaes - spectacular fireworks shows. The celebration will end on the night of 19 to 20 March with the ceremonial burning of ninot dolls.

With the population of 800 thousand inhabitants, Valencia annually during the holiday receives about 2 million tourists.

Date: 07/03/2010


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