To Portugal for chocolate

To Portugal for chocolate
To Portugal for chocolate
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On March 4, 2010 in the small town of Obidos in Portugal will opened the festival, which will not leave indifferent any person who has a sweet tooth. It will be the Eighth International Festival of Chocolate. During the ten days of the festival a small, in general, town of Obidos (population of 10 thousand) will become a real Mecca for the lovers of Dolce Vita. The best confectioners from all around the world will gather here to show their skills and tens of thousands of tourists will come to admire at these days the "chocolate perfection".

The population of Obidos during the holiday increases by more than 20 times! So, booking of hotel rooms or renting of a house in Portugal at this time should be made in advance. Those who visit Obidos during the days of the festival will be able to fully enjoy a wide variety of sweets: pies, cakes, sweets and chocolate sculpture of all varieties and colors, the whole city will become one big confectionery shop window. The holiday program is designed in such a way that neither children nor adults will be bored. For the youngest guests of the Festival is organized a special “Chocolate House”, where they will be able to make all kinds of desserts for themselves and their parents. Adults will be also interested in visiting the fashion show with edible clothing accessories or observing the conducting of the prestigious international competition “Chocolate Designer of the Year”. Also the visitors will be interested to try the local delicacy only for adults - a sweet Ginja liqueur. It is made from fruits of the same name, which grows in this area and is very similar to cherry. Traditionally, liquor is served in small chocolate cups that you should eat after drinking the liquor. In addition, the festival program includes a presentation of chocolate spa procedures and anyone will be able to try beauty recipes from the leading experts in this field. The full program of the event is listed on the festival website

Located 80 km north of Lisbon Obidos is a unique historic open air museum. It is protected by the monument security service. Built 700 years ago as a fortress the city of Obidos is still located behind the defensive wall and its whole appearance: cobblestone streets, ancient houses and churches, plazas, have not changed over the past centuries.

Date: 02/03/2010


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