In Portugal starts the season of carnivals

In Portugal starts the season of carnivals
In Portugal starts the season of carnivals
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On February 25 in Portugal starts the season of carnivals and during a whole week across the country will be held a lot of bright, spectacular, varied performances and parades that attract a large number of tourists from all over the world. And although the holidays are celebrated in Portugal everywhere the most popular Carnival is held on the island of Madeira in Funchal. The main parade, which will be held on February 27, is called "the Parade of Allegories" and during it through the city streets march different schools of samba dancers, who through their costumes and dance tell the audience a story - an allegory. Samba is the most popular dance on the island, without a demonstration performances can’t be imagined any festive event, but at the time of the Carnival Madeira itself is called “The Island of Samba”.

The streets of Funchal during the whole Carnival look like a colorful unforgettable spectacle, the facades of all houses are decorated with colorful flowers and garlands, all squares are equipped with a temporary stage on which are held dancers’, singers’ and theater groups’ performances. And at night the city is brightly and festively illuminated and are organized numerous fireworks. A variety of street cafes and restaurants offer its visitors a special festive menu, which will be an indispensable attribute of a traditional dish - a sword fish on the grill.

Despite the apparent spontaneity and even randomness of the carnival events all the celebrations in Portugal are strictly scheduled. So, for example, Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday of the carnival week are devoted exclusively to Samba and if on Saturday and Sunday are held the presentation of the professional dance troupes, the parade taking place on Wednesday is open for all to take part in it. It is called Trapalhao "Amateur". Traditionally on this day the participants wear the homemade costumes depicting famous people. Therefore, on the street can be found dozens of Elvises or Marilyn Monroes. On Monday (also known as pink day) is held a procession of fools, and on "Ash Wednesday" is planned a music program, fire show and masquerade costumes. And such a full program lasts until the end of the Carnival March 1.

Visiting Portugal during the Carnival will leave an indelible impression for the traveler, but because of the large influx of tourists you should take care of booking a hotel room or a cottage in advance.

Date: 25/02/2010


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