Dutch Flower Festival 2010

Dutch Flower Festival 2010
Flower Festival in Holland 2010: Over 150 000 different colors
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The Netherlands is known as a world leader in the cultivation of flowers. To make it sure once again will be possible at the Flower Festival, which will take place in a small town of Zvaagdejk-Oost in the north-east of the country. The Dutch Flower Festival is one of the most colorful events of the country and will begin on February 24, 2010 lasting for four days until February 28.

For the Netherlands it is difficult to find a more authentic character than a flower. The Dutch Flower Festival is the age-old tradition. This year, as well as before, at the festival it will be possible to see hundreds and thousands of different varieties of flowers, including the famous Dutch tulips and daffodils, hyacinths, irises and crocuses. The festival is supported by the largest Dutch company in the field of crop production, The Greenery BV.

The Dutch Flower Festival will take place under the roof of one of the largest greenhouses of the country on the area of 4500 thousand square meters. In total, the festival will show over 150 000 different flowers. The design of the exhibition and the development of landscape design of the Dutch Flower Festival this year are carried out by Robert Brukema, a well-known Dutch landscape architect.

"The Volendam Spring" is the second title of the festival. At this festival the main theme is selected to be the Dutch folklore of the ancient village of Volendam in Western Frysland. This means that visitors of the Dutch Flower Festival will not only enjoy the exuberance of the flora, but also will get acquainted with the customs of the countryside of the Netherlands, to see the performances of the folk music groups and even to buy a pair of famous Dutch wooden “klomp” shoes.

The Dutch Flower Festival is also a great place for anyone who in any way is associated with the floral business. Here the entrepreneurs have an opportunity to examine the range of flowers in all its diversity, to negotiate and conclude a transaction.

All four days the Dutch Flower Festival will be open from 10 o'clock in the morning. Price of tickets for the Dutch Flower Festival 2010:

- For adults - 12, 5 euros
- For children under 12 - 6 euros
- For children under 4 years - free

For those who intend to visit the festival, the portal datscha-booking.com offers renting of cottages, apartments and villas in the Netherlands.

Site of the festival: www.hollandflowersfestival.nl

Date: 22/02/2010


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