In Iceland is held a culinary feast

In Iceland is held a culinary feast
In Iceland is held a culinary feast
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In the most northern European capital of Reykjavik last week of February for 9 years is held a gastronomic "Food and Fun" festival. Being conceived as an entertainment festival to attract tourists to Iceland, Food and Fun in recent years has become increasingly popular among the gourmets and professional chefs. On the whole festival week in Reykjavik arrive the best chefs from all around the world to show their skills and try to get the title of the "Best Chef" under the strict eye of a competent jury. The festival includes virtually all the best restaurants in Reykjavik. For the time of the festival each of them is given one of the participant chefs of the festival, who within 4 days prepare meals for the unchanging menu (national cuisine) and tries to win over the visitors and judges. But the most important competition is the last day of the Food and Fun, when the participants come together and compete in the art of making three types of dishes: fish, lamb and dessert. And products that can be used should be strictly Icelandic and purchased in a certain place for a limited amount in just half an hour, and for preparing all the meals is given up to 3 hours.

Throughout the festival, the restaurants participating in it have a great entertainment program: in the evening perform eminent musicians, singers and dancers, are held art exhibitions and social events. And during the day rooms of the restaurants are turned into real gourmet-clubs, where are held master-classes of the best chefs.

Participation in this festival is extremely honorable and flattering for most star cooks of the planet and victory in the competition is one of the most prestigious achievements in the world of gastronomy. Food and Fun is equated to the well-known culinary S. Pellegrino Cooking Cup competition as well as to the international Bocuse d'Or competition. Victory in the Festival means for the cook the same as getting a Michelin star for restaurant.

In addition, a visit to Reykjavik in late February is an excellent opportunity to admire the glaciers, geysers and waterfalls around the city and to understand why Iceland is called the country of fire and ice.

Date: 16/02/2010


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