Finland and Norway in Google Street View

Finland and Norway in Google Street View
Finland and Norway in Google Street View
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Those who go on holiday to Finland and Norway now have a new help in the studying of resorts, attractions and travel destinations. Streets of Finland and Norway now can be studied on the Internet. The world's largest search engine Google launched its Street View service for these countries. Inclusion of Finland and Norway in the Street View service makes possible a detailed study of the streets throughout Scandinavia. Previously, the service has been launched in Denmark and Sweden.

Street View Service was launched by Google in 2007. It represents an additional option in the Google Maps and Google Earth services that allow exploring the streets of settlements of different countries in details. Street View offers a panorama of the streets of the major cities and tourist attractions such as the Empire State building or the Eiffel Tower.

Viewing of the panoramic photos of the streets of Finland and Norway became available through the Street View on February 9, 2010. Google spent 10 months to photograph in details the streets of the major cities in these countries - Helsinki, Oslo, Bergen and others. For example, in Norway, Google began to survey the streets on April 23, 2009. The filming of the streets was conducted with the use of "Google-cars" with cameras mounted on the roofs.

Street View service was lately the cause of debates due to the fact that many detailed photographs of the streets were considered as an invasion of privacy. Therefore, the new version of Street View Google provided a number of innovations. Now, if a user finds a photo of his house, the image of themselves or their children, he can send a message to Google through the «report a problem» button, so that the company to remove unwanted details. This service is available both in Finland and Norway. Nevertheless, in some cases, this service does not protect Google from lawsuits of dissatisfied people. Thus, on February 12, 2010, 3 days after the official release of Street View in Finland, the Finnish police opened an investigation against Google on the application of one of the inhabitants of the town of Raahe. The Google photo captured the man sitting in a chair on his lot without underwear.

Date: 18/02/2010


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