Croatia will promote culinary tourism

Croatia will promote culinary tourism
The cuisine of Croatia as other Mediterranean cuisine is famous for the variety of fish dishes
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Croatia decoded to add to the title of one of the best regions of summer holiday in Europe the reputation of culinary Mecca. In a recent interview with the Croatian press, Minister of Tourism of Croatia Damir Bais announced the plans of the Ministry to advertise Croatia also as a traditional region of Europe for gastronomic and wine tours.

According to the minister, the Croatian cuisine and its wines this season promises to be one of the key components of the overall brand of the country, which will be presented in the forthcoming campaign. Cuisine and wine are positioned as a part of a healthy lifestyle and stay in Croatia.

The part of an advertising campaign in accordance with the new concept will be presented as early as this season. Holidays in Croatia 2010 - now it is not only beaches in Dubrovnik and Makarska. Tourists are to learn about more than 300 wine-producing regions of Croatia, as well as to study traditional dishes such of the Croatian cuisine as sira, shtrukli, prshut and others.

In the scope of a new advertising campaign in Croatia in the near future will be published an illustrated edition of the “Croatian cuisine and gastronomy”. The publication will be partially funded from those 5 million euros, which Croatia intends to use to advertise its tourism sector.

In addition to the advertising, the most favored nation status will be provided for the local restaurants of Croatian cuisine. The Chamber of Commerce of Croatia and the Croatian Association of restaurateurs will cooperate in protecting the interests of the Croatian institutions of national cuisine. In addition to the actual cuisine of Croatia, the Croatian Association of restaurateurs will try to offer the dishes made according to the ancient recipes.

Holidays in Croatia 2010 in addition to the new directions will be symbolic for the tourists from Russia and Ukraine due to the one indicator. Summer 2010 in Croatia is likely to be for the tourists from these countries last visa-free season. In 2012, Croatia plans to join the Schengen zone, so already in 2011 the country will conduct activities to strengthen the control at the border.

Date: 12/02/2010


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