In Malaga was tested a new air terminal

In Malaga was tested a new air terminal
In Malaga was tested a new air terminal
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Malaga is known as the gateway to the one of the most famous centers of summer holiday in Spain - Costa del Sol. Today the city is actively preparing for the upcoming season of summer holidays in Spain 2010. Not so long ago here was completed the third terminal of the international airport of Malaga. On February 9, 2010 in the new third terminal, hundreds of volunteers participated in the first test of new areas of the airport.

The tests of the terminal T-3 at the international airport of Malaga were held to a final fine-tuning, identification and correction of small defects in the new complex. In the third busiest airport of Spain the volunteers played the role of tourists who arrived in Malaga on holiday.

The new air terminal in Malaga will have the capacity of 30 million passengers per year or 9000 per hour. This year, the terminal will open with one runway. Opening of the second runway is expected in 2011.

The new terminal in Malaga is a giant passenger complex, located on the territory of 250 000 square meters. 12 of 20 boarding gates of the new terminal provide the opportunity of direct boarding the airplane.

The volunteers who participated in the testing were to simulate a complete process of landing on the flight, including the search for the appropriate time on the scoreboard, baggage checking and passing through security.

The administration of the airport expects that 3000 people, who took part in the testing, will help the new airport of Malaga to identify the problem areas and optimize the airport in accordance with the requirements and needs of the passengers.

The new terminal will in fact replace the terminal T-1, which is now used mainly for domestic flights in Spain. The administration of the Malaga Airport expects to open a new terminal on the eve of the Catholic Easter, which this year as well as the Orthodox, falls on April 4.

Date: 12/02/2010


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