Greece has faced a wave of strikes

Greece has faced a wave of strikes
Greece has faced a wave of strikes
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Greece has faced a wave of strikes. On Wednesday, February 10, 2010 in Greece were canceled all flights of the main carrier of the country - the Aegean Airlines company. The cancellation of flights was due to a one-day strike of the air traffic controllers. Air traffic controllers strike in Greece will last for a night. All this time Greece's airspace will be closed for commercial flights.

The air traffic controllers strike in Greece has become a part of a nationwide strike, which on February 10 will organize the public sector workers. Today in Greece is a difficult financial situation. In fact, the country is on the verge of default. In the time of the financial crisis in the country the Greek authorities have announced freezing and reduction of salaries of public servants, which caused by the wave of protests and led to a nationwide strike.

The public servants of Greece stated that the refusal to revise policies on wages, they will repeat the protest. So, on February 24 is scheduled the Pan-Greek strike, which will be a consolidated statement of the public unions and associations of trade unions.

It should be noted that in the anticipation of the current strike in Greece has already held such several actions. A week ago the customs and tax inspectors went on strike in Greece. In mid-January 2010 in Greece were on strike peasants, who demanded the payment of subsidies budgeted for the support of the agricultural sector. At that time was not without incident - the strikers blocked off several routes of national importance and also blocked the work of border crossings in northern Greece. The situation has reached an international scale, when neighboring Bulgaria sent to the EU a complaint on the problems with the road communication with Greece.

Nevertheless, despite the crisis, Greece remains one of the key holiday destinations in 2010. The last two years in Greece is growing the demand among tourists from Russia and the CIS countries. The Ministry of Tourism of Greece reported that the number of tourists coming to Greece from Russia ranks ninth. On average, on holiday in Greece every year arrive about 300 thousand Russians.

Date: 10/02/2010


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