In Italy will produce the chocolate sight of Venice

In Italy will produce the chocolate sight of Venice
Piazza San Marco Tower in Venice will soon have its "chocolate" twin. Photo: Alesya Belaya
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Holidays in Italy it is not only sights and sea, but also the famous Italian cuisine, known also thanks to perfect sweets. Confectioners in Italy are famous for their subtlety around the world and not so long ago decided to make a truly unique dish. The bell tower on the Piazza San Marco is one of the main sights of Venice and it will be produced by the cooks from... chocolate. The most unusual thing in this action promises to be the future size of the sweets. The model of the bell tower of chocolate will be a big one - its height is about 8 meters.

The future chocolate masterpiece is already said to be placed in the Guinness Book. It is estimated that the total weight of chocolate, which will need the confectioners to create the copy of the sights of Venice, will be about 8000 kilograms. As expected, the presentation of the future chocolate bell tower will be held at the "Chocolate Dolomites" festival, which will be held at the Auronzo di Cadore resort from March 5 to 7, 2010.

The chef, who will create a unique dessert, is Mirko Dela Vecchia. In his creation he intends to use only high quality "Kalcheta" chocolate, which is collected in the vicinity of the same city in Ecuador. The chocolate mix for the future monumental work will be prepared using a giant industrial blender directly in the Auronzo di Cadore resort.

The "skeleton" of the future eight-meter "chocolate" is ready. The area of its base is 1.2 square meters. Once the "skeleton" will be filled with chocolate, it will need a few days so as the chocolate will harden and acquire the desired shape. After that the skeleton will be removed, and Mirko Dela Vecchio with his colleagues will give the final form to the famous Venetian sight.

According to, Mirko Dela Vecchio is not an amateur in such projects. He has already had to make three giant sculptures made of chocolate. At this time the master seriously plans to get into the Guinness Book of Records with his creation. The current record for producing of the largest sculpture made of chocolate in the world belongs to Belgium.

Date: 12/02/2010


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