The exhibition of Bulgarian property in Moscow

The exhibition of Bulgarian property in Moscow
The exhibition of Bulgarian property in Moscow
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Bulgaria is one of the most popular holiday destinations for the people from Russia and other CIS countries. It is not a surprise that the cottages in Bulgaria and other real estate of this country in Eastern Europe are traditionally in high demand. Bulgaria, in turn, tries not to leave potential customers in an information vacuum. Thus, on 12-13 February 2010 in Moscow’s "T-module" exhibition center on the Tishinskaya Square will be held specialized exhibition of real estate of Bulgaria - “the Bulgarian House”.

The exhibition is organized by the Center of Industry of the Republic of Bulgaria and Russian companies "AIGgroup" and "Virtus". "The Bulgarian house" will be held in Moscow for the second time. The first exhibition was held in Russian capital in February 2009 and had some success.

The main objective of the exhibition is to bring together international experts in the field of investments with their potential clients. In addition to large realtors "the Bulgarian house" will be also interesting for individuals, who are thinking about buying their own home, apartments or even a mini-hotel in Bulgaria.

On the exhibition "the Bulgarian house" will be presented about 75 companies from Bulgaria. This year the organizers hope to draw attention to the Bulgarian real estate at the exhibition with more than 4500 visitors. The choice of options offered at the exhibition, is rather wide: from luxury villas on the Black Sea coast and apartments in Sofia to cottages and chalets in the ski resorts in Bulgaria. Specialists from Bulgaria that will take part in the exhibition will also provide for professional advice on the rules of purchase, leasing and property management in Bulgaria, as well as on the most profitable ways of investment and lending. The exhibition’s site:

Since 2004 the cost of real estate in Bulgaria began to steadily grow. The experts say that this is due to several reasons. The first reason is the growth of Europe's economy and the second is the foreigners-friendly legislation. A very important thing is the geographical location of Bulgaria, which allows the property owners to use the beach and ski resorts throughout the year. For the Russian property investors in Bulgaria is attractive the fact that it opens the way to the EU. And, naturally, investing in Bulgarian real estate is a very good investment. Currently the growth of the prices for real estate and homes in Bulgaria are on average about 15 percent a year. And this is despite the fact that the initial cost of any housing in Bulgaria, cottage, apartment, and house or ski chalet is significantly lower than in other European Union countries.

Date: 28/01/2010


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In view of the Crisis 2008-2010, it is unlikely that any new development investment property, House or Apartment will increase by 15% any time in the near future 5-+ years. Nothing in the real world can grow continuously at 15% or it will collapse, which is exactly what has happened in the past 2-3 years...Growth was too big. A realistic growth would be 2-3 % per annum. is a UK based real estate development company with projects on the Black Sea and Strategic locations in Bulgaria. Only developers or investors of developers can see high short term profits of 40% + . The residential investor should consider buying property with a long term view of investment and capital growth of 2-3% yearly with the main consideration of using the property for leisure. Investment into developing projects will yield a higher rate of profit with Bulgaria Taxation based at around 10%.