Salzburg hosts Jazz Festival

Salzburg hosts Jazz Festival
Salzburg hosts Jazz Festival
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At the end of autumn beautiful ancient city in western Austria at the foot of the Alps - Salzburg turns into a world capital of jazz music. From all over the world will arrive well-known jazz performers of different directions from classic jazz to its latest variations. On October 21, 2009 at Salzburg starts the festival Jazz in der Altstadt, this event attracts tens of thousands of music amateurs and tourists. During the six days on the squares of the historical Old Salzburg, in clubs and cafes will be held over one hundred concerts. The total number of sites exceeds 50 and at the request of the organizers of the festival the entrance to all concerts will be absolutely free. Festival opens at 16 o'clock on October 21 by the well known Romanian group Fanfare Ciocarlia with a cover version of the song "Born To Be Wild". Also at the festival may perform: Maja Osojnik, Victor Deme, Paolo Fresu, Georg Breinschmid, Livio Minafra, Wolfgang Puschnig and many other performers.

But not only Jazz in der Altstadt in Salzburg attracts tourists. The city preserved many architectural and historical monuments, and the central part of the city is put into the UNESCO world heritage list. The town was founded with the 8th century male Benedictine monastery of St. Peter, which has been preserved to our days. Until 1100 the abbey was the center of the Christianity in the Alps, here is located the residence of the archbishop. The monastery adjacent to the mountain Menhsberg, at the foot of which are cut the catacombs and there is an ancient monastery cemetery here. Abbey is located in the Old Town on the left bank of the river Salzach.

The center of the Old town is the Rezidentzplatz square. Here you can see the Rezidentzbrunnen fountain built in 1661 and the Old and New residence of the Archbishop of 17th century. Also in the Old City would be interested to visit the Cathedral of the 17th century, which contains collections of ecclesiastical art, 13th century Franciscan church, the church of Kollegienkirhe of early 18th century and Getreidegasse street where is situated the house where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born.

Date: 20/10/2009


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