Autumn Fair in Basel

Autumn Fair in Basel
Autumn Fair in Basel
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Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Switzerland that surprises with its nature and culture. Someone likes quiet secluded vacation in a mountain chalet or summer cottage, someone goes to the health resorts with unique thermal waters, and someone visits the museums and historical monuments perfectly preserved in Switzerland.

However, Switzerland is not a "country with a frozen history", there are always held all sorts of cultural and entertainment activities: festivals, fairs and carnivals. One of these events is the Autumn Fair that is held annually in the third largest city of the country - Basel. Basel Autumn Fair has its roots in ancient times, when on the July 11, 1471, Emperor Frederick III at the Imperial Sejm in Regensburg granted permission to hold the Basel Autumn Fair to the mayor of Basel Hannes von Berenfelz.

Basel Autumn Fair begins two weeks before the day of St. Martin and ends on the last Sunday before the holiday, this year's Fair will be held from October 24 to November 8. It will be interesting to visit it for the people of different interests and ages. The visitors will be able to enjoy all kinds of rides, concerts and entertainment programs, many street cafes with a variety of delicacies, wine exhibitions and auctions. At the fair will be presented the products of all industries from textiles, cosmetics and toys, to the gastronomic delicacies and elite cookware. All major events will take place in seven major areas in the center of Basel, as well as in the exhibition centers.

Basel is located in a valley between the peaks of the Jura and Schwarzwald near the old ferry on the Rhine. There is a large commercial and industrial center, as well as the center of the pharmaceutical industry in Switzerland. But in addition, Basel is considered to be a "city of arts and sciences," here is situated the oldest university of Switzerland, founded in 1460 (it was here where taught the famous Erasmus, the author of the "Experiments"), the first musical theater and more than 30 well known museums. Each year in Basel is held about a thousand concerts and music festivals.

Date: 20/10/2009


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