The Day of Eger castle in Hungary

The Day of Eger castle in Hungary
The Day of Eger castle in Hungary
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In the north of Hungary at the foot of the southern slopes of the Bukk and Matra mountains, just 130 km from Budapest, is located a beautiful old town of Eger. The pride and the main attraction in Eger is Eger fortress, which towers above the city and is one of the oldest in Hungary. Now it serves as a historical museum, a mint and an art gallery, and in the Castle dungeon is situated a museum of writing, a prison museum and a museum of wax figures. It was Eger fortress that wasn’t seized by the Turkish army under the command of Ali Pasha in the middle of the XVI century. During 33 days the two thousandth detachment of defenders, led by Istvan Dabo had been restraining the attacks more than 80 thousand army of the Turks. In the end, on October 17, 1552 the Turks besieged the castle and after suffering heavy losses, were forced to leave Eger. Since October 17 each year in Eger is organized a feast in honor of the past victory, in the city are hold festive parades, are organized numerous concerts and historical exhibitions. On this day, entrance to all museums is free. In the castle itself on the feast day are held tournaments and theatrical performances devoted to the war with the Turks, and in the evening on the fortress hill are organized grandiose fireworks, which can be seen from anywhere in the city.

Eger is rightfully considered to be the center of Hungarian Baroque architecture, in the old part of town are perfectly preserved many historical monuments that attract tourists to the city from all over Europe. Among them special attention should be given to the Cathedral built in classical style, that is the second largest in Hungary. The organ of the cathedral is the largest in the country. In summer here everyday are organized concerts of classical and church organ music. It is very interesting to visit the Lyceum built in the late Baroque style. On the second floor of the Lyceum is located a huge library (over 130 thousand books), where you can see the first book printed in Hungary (1473). In the tower of the library operates the country's first astronomical museum, the observatory of Shpekul.

In addition to this Eger is one of the centers of the Hungarian wine-making, here are produced such famous brands as: "Bull's Blood", "Merlot", "Eger girl" and "Mushkotay.

Date: 06/10/2009


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