Malta will host the Mediterranean Arts Festival

Malta will host the Mediterranean Arts Festival
Gozo, Malta
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Just 6 km north-west of Malta is a small, but amazingly colorful island of Gozo. It is on Gozo where on October 23 will be opened the Mediterranean Arts Festival - Festival Mediterranea.

The festival’s organizer is one of the leading theaters of Malta - Teatru Astra. The first event of the festival is a concert of organ music, which will be performed on the British organ of 18 century; it will be held in the Basilica of St George in the performance of the famous organist Richard Vendom. Festival Mediterranea will last for a month and during the entire duration the islanders, as well as numerous tourists who will come to the festival from all over the world will be able to enjoy the concerts of classical and church music, numerous theatrical performances, as well as art exhibitions and performances. In addition, the program of the festival includes a variety of island tours, performances of symphonic and brass bands, folk groups, an art conferences and educational lectures on art, as well as many other cultural events. Festival Mediterranea is held during the most beautiful time of the year - at the joint of October and November, when the weather on the island is not hot, but sunny and nature appears in all its diversity.

The Island of Gozo is included in the Maltese archipelago, and is the second largest island of Malta. Gozo annually attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists and there are several reasons for this. Here is located the famous beach of Gozo - Ramla l Hamra, which means red sand. The sand here has really unusual dark red colour. From the side of the island above the beach rises a mountain with a mountain grotto of nymph Calypso, who, according to the great Homer entire 7 years kept here Odyssey - the famous Greek hero of the Iliad. Also on the island are the ruins of megalithic temple of Ggantija (the place of the giants), which was built more than five thousand years ago, ie it is older than the Egyptian pyramids and English Stonehenge. On Gozo is also located the Basilica of Ta Ping, one of the most beautiful churches of the Maltese archipelago. And in the bay of Duer are located two more attractions: the window of Azur, the Fungus Rock (a huge stone arch in the sea) and the Blue Hole (underwater well) - a favorite place of divers.

Date: 01/10/2009


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