In England will be held the Goose Fair

In England will be held the Goose Fair
Goose Fair in Nottingham
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The famous Goose Fair will be held in Nottingham, UK, from 4 to 8 October. This event in its entirety shows how the British honour their traditions, because for the first time the Nottingham Goose Fair was held over seven hundred years ago and since then, with few exceptions, it was held in Nottingham every year, which automatically makes it one of the oldest and most important fairs in England.

In the Middle Ages, in autumn in the heart of Nottingham is held a huge food fair, where the citizens stocked up with food for the winter, and farmers sell their crops, domestic animals and, of course, geese, that were driven here in thousands from the counties of Norfolk and Lincolnshire. There were so many geese (within three days were sold about 20 thousand) and they raised such a noise and uproar that the fair was named the Goose Fair. Furthermore the Goose Fair was the largest place of labor employment in Central England.

Since then, much time has passed, and modern Nottingham Goose Fair is not what it was in the Middle Ages. There is no man that comes here to buy or sell food and do not wait hundreds of workers in the hope of getting a good job, now it is a grand entertainment show, which annually attracts more than 300 thousand British and tourists from all over the world. Nottingham Goose Fair is now held not only in Nottingham but also in the famous Sherwood Forest, since it was at that fair, according to Walter Scott, where appeared Robin Hood to "lure the treacherous Sir Guy in the woods and take away the gold that he had stolen." This year the guests of Nottingham expect more than 400 kinds of attractions, from the simple carousels and Ferris wheel to the roller coaster and Panic Room. In addition to many attractions and events there will be a lot of live music, theatrical and circus performances. The tourists will also be able to buy original souvenirs, ceramics, paintings and handmade jewelry. At the fair will operate the exhibition of folk arts and crafts. And of course, in special tents you will be able to try roast goose, cooked according to the recipes of 700 years ago.

Date: 24/09/2009


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