Festival of Hungarian cuisine near Budapest

Festival of Hungarian cuisine near Budapest
Festival of Hungarian cuisine near Budapest
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This weekend in a small Hungarian town of Etyek, which is located near the ancient Budapest, will be opened a gastronomic festival «Kezes - labos». At this festival will arrive the best representatives of the culinary art from all around the country. The feast will be opened on Saturday morning by a festive procession, which will be attended by the majority of the citizens, while, as music (percussion) instruments are used pots, pans and other cooking utensils. During two days of the festival on the streets of Etyek will be heard music, held carnivals and theatrical performances. And, of course, above all this will fly the flavors of different dishes. "Eat quickly, die quickly and live a short life", this is the view of the festival organizers. In this case, the path to a pleasant life lies not through the expensive restaurants with their complicated incomprehensible and sometimes tedious cuisine, but through the people who cook these dishes.To meet people, try the results of their work, show you capabilities - is the true purpose of Etyek Kezes-Labos.

During the festival in Etyek, in all kinds of outdoor cafes, or simply stalls the visitors will be offered all sorts of dishes and products of the national cuisine. Guests can taste a great variety of cheeses, sausages, bakery, honey, and, of course, local wine, thanks to which Etyek and its ancient wine cellars are so famous. After all, there is a huge number of vineyards and wineries. And so it is not surprising that it is in Etyek in May, is held another well-known throughout the country "the festival of wine cellars", which attracts winemakers and wine lovers from all over Europe.

In the vicinity of the city is located another attraction: it is there planned the construction of the largest film studio in Europe, which is intended to be able to compete with the American Hollywood. The first pavilions were already built early last year, and filming there is planned for years ahead.

In addition, the Etyek is just 20 minutes drive from Budapest, so for everyone who wishes to visit the festival or just to visit this pretty town it will be very easy.

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Date: 19/09/2009


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