Finland copies Venice

Finland copies Venice
Finland copies Venice
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In the second half of the 19th century, among the richest people in Finland there was a fashion for summer vacations on the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia. Especially popular with holidaymakers was the city of Kokkola, located in western Finland in the province of Central Ostrobothnia (Kesko - Pohjanmaa). Thanks to the amazing scenery, ancient architecture and the friendliness of local people, houses and cottages, standing on the coast, were filled with "summer residents" each summer. It was at that time where was born a very beautiful tradition to organize in late August a holiday in honor of the outgoing summer and the end of the "summer" season. The essence of the festival was that in late summer, when starts to get dark early, on the beach and the quay the campers started to lit bonfires, torches, candles, colored lights and of course made fireworks with Bengal lights. All this was accompanied by boating and yachting in the bay. The beauty of this festival lies in the fact that the salutes and fireworks when reflected in the water, created a stunning effect. This holiday was called «The Venetian Nights», because it is in Venice since the 16th century masters of pyrotechnics staged colorful presentations on the channels, combining fire entertainment and water elements.

The original "Venetian Nights" were held in Kokkola on any day of August, but later the holiday has become more organized, have shifted to the last weekend of the summer. This year it will begin on August 28 and will last for 3 days. In addition to the fiery extravaganza in the evening, on these days from the morning in Kokkola will be held orchestra concerts, sports competitions, fashion shows, fairs, theater and circus performances, as well as games for the children. That is why «Venetian nights» is considered to be the main cultural event of the year in Kokkola and its environs.

The city of Kokkola (Carlebie, Swed.) is one of the oldest cities in Finland and the northernmost point of the Seven Bridges Archipelago and the northernmost Swedish-speaking city in Finland. Kokkola annually receives more and more tourists. Some come to see the sights of the city and relax, while others solve business cases here. Kokkola has a developed tourist infrastructure and transport network, allowing guests to fully relax and appreciate the beauty and friendliness of the city.

Date: 02/09/2009


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