Balloon Festival in Ferrara

Balloon Festival in Ferrara
Balloon Festival in Ferrara
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In the north of Italy, just 45 km from Bologna, is situated the ancient town of Ferrara, attracting tourists from all countries with its well-preserved medieval castles and palaces. And it is in Ferrara on September 18 will be opened the festival of balloons Ferrara Balloon Festival. The history of this festival is very short, for the first time it was held in 2005, but it had such a huge success that today it is the most ambitious and spectacular event of its kind in Europe. Only last year the festival was attended by over 320 various aerial vehicles and about 400 thousand visitors from all around the world. According to the organizers of the festival this year we expect even greater influx of tourists and members, so people should take care about booking rooms in hotels in advance.

Major events in the air and on the land will be held in the city park of Bassani Urban Park, where will be built the sports village, in which will be possible to ride horses, play golf, also to entertain the public will be invited acrobats and comedians, musicians, singers and dancers. But the main event will occur, naturally, in the sky over the park. The program of Ferrara Balloon Festival includes activities such as: hot air balloons race, air defile above the city and the delta of the River Po, demonstration flights of gliders and kites, small reconstruction of the life of the Renaissance people, cruises on the river Po, and much more. All visitors can not only admire the balloons, but to ride in it into the sky, to fly on an airplane and jump with a parachute. And even at night you can ride in an illuminated balloon with romantic music.

In addition, in Bassani Urban Park will be held thematic exhibitions (on the history of aeronautics), fairs, will be opened air cafes and restaurants, and for the children will be constructed flight simulators and other attractions. The festival will last for 10 days, and on September 27 it will be closed, at a gala presentation in the air above the park will raise at the same time all balloons.

Date: 27/08/2009


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