Cultural festival in Stockholm

Cultural festival in Stockholm
Cultural festival in Stockholm
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In one of the most amazing and unforgettable cities in Europe, which is rightly called the "The handsome man on water" - in Stockholm, next Tuesday will be held the main cultural event of the summer, the Kulturfestivalen. From 11 August and for the next five days, the central streets and squares of the city will become theater stages, concert halls and arenas for the circus performances. On all the days of the traditional annual festival, the capital and largest city of Sweden will be literally upside down. During this time to the attention of tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world will be presented a variety of concerts, performances, fairs, circus performances and movie screenings. The total number of planned events exceeds 700.

For example, on the square of Gustav Adolfs Torg will be performing ethnic music and dance ensembles. And on the square of Sergels Torg will be installed a few scenes for performances under the slogan "Food, conversation, literature and culture" (Mat, prat, litteratur och kultur). There will also be organized open air bars and restaurants. For cinema amateurs, in the garden of the City Museum (Stadsmuseum) will be opened the largest cinema in the city in the open air, where the films will be projected on the facade of the building. The same thematic movie screenings will take place on the roof of the House of Culture (Kulturhuset).

And on the next street Drottninggatan traditionally opens the cultural market, where you can buy books, souvenirs and works of art.

A special, separate program was designed specifically for children, there will be arranged tours to the best museums of the city, and will take place a lot of puppet shows and circus performances. Children can take part in quizzes and interactive games, i.e., there will be done everything possible to attract children's attention to the cultural heritage.

The entrance to the most events during the Kulturfestivalen is free, or for a low, symbolic fee.

Date: 06/08/2009


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