Valencia celebrates the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Valencia celebrates the Assumption of the Virgin Mary
Elche, Valencia, basilica
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In the south-eastern Spain, in the administrative center of Valencia, which is so popular among tourists, in the small town of Elche will be held an amazing religious festival. The annual spectacle - the mystery dedicated to the Dormition and Assumption of the Virgin Mary, called Misterio del Elche and attracts to the city a huge number of tourists. On August 14 will be held the first part of the mystery «Vespra», or «Eve», which tells about the last days of the Holy Virgin Mary and is shown the Assumption of Mary surrounded by the apostles and angels. The uniqueness of the performance is that the event is held in the Church of St. Mary, this was made possible by a special permission of the Pope Urban VIII in the 17th century. And in the basilica of the church, where the presentation is held, special machines are mounted so that the actors can «descend from the heaven» and «soar to the heaven». These lifting mechanisms have been coined as early as the Middle Ages, and passed through the centuries in the same condition. However, as all that relates to Misteria del Elche: costumes, texts, musical instruments, even the actors are exclusively male. It was the tradition in that time. The second part «Festa» take place the following day, on August 15 - this is the staging the debate of the Apostles on the burial of the Virgin Mary, her assumption and coronation. The mystery in honor of the Holy Virgin Mary is so unique and beautiful that in 2001, was put by the UNESCO into the list of world folklore heritage of the humanity.

However, Elche is known to the world not only for its mystery, in 2000, UNESCO contributed to the list of World Heritage the Palmeral of Elche - the landscape of the date palm groves surrounding the city and includes a carefully designed irrigation system. It was formed at the end of X century. In addition, here was found a unique sculpture «The Lady of Elche», which dates back to IV century BC.

Date: 04/08/2009


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