The festival of Caribbean music and Latin dancing in Belgium

The festival of Caribbean music and Latin dancing in Belgium
The festival of Caribbean music and Latin dancing in Belgium
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In the small Belgian town of Hoogstraten, located in the province of Antwerp on the border with Denmark and 90 km from Brussels, on August 14, opens the festival of Caribbean music. This is the largest in Europe Festival of this genre and it is also called Antilliaanse Feesten. In the festival will participate well-known Latin groups and performers from countries such as Puerto Rico, Cuba, Belize, Trinidad, Aruba and Colombia. Here will meet about 3 thousands of musicians and spectators from all over Europe are expected about 60 thousand (which is more than 3 times larger than the entire population of the city), so those who wish to watch the festival and live in comfortable conditions should take care of booking rooms in small hotels of Hoogstraten in advance. The festival will last for two days, during which at various places, at an open air, set in the whole city will be held concerts of hot Latin music, and the area around the scenes will turn into a huge dancing floors, where anyone can dance salsa, bachata, rigiton, merengue, and samba.

In addition, beginners can learn basic steps of the hot dances and take part in master classes, which during the festival will be held by the real professionals. Antilliaanse Feesten is a relatively young festival, the first time it was held in Hoogstraten in 1983. But since then the popularity of the festival grows every time and it is attracting more and more tourists and the most popular performers. This year at Antilliaanse Feesten will perform such musicians as: Tego Calderon, Michael Stewart, Destra Garcia, Chichi Peralta, Grupo Gale, ATNG Soca Band, Coco Band, Rodri-Go and many others. All concerts will begin at 7 pm and last until 5 am.

Date: 30/07/2009


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