Hamburg hosts the Hamburger Dom, one of the largest fairs of Germany

Hamburg hosts the Hamburger Dom, one of the largest fairs of Germany
Hamburger Dom festival in Hamburg
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Three times a year in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, on the square Heiligengeistfeld is held the largest fair in Northern Germany with the carousels, snacks, various stands and many others. This fair-festival is known as Hamburger Dom, and this year it began on 24 July and will run until August 23. Throughout the festival guests will enjoy various entertainment programs for a wide range of people of all ages and tastes. At a festive square and on surrounding streets visitors can see the medieval fortress and visit the village of witches, in the sector dedicated to the Wild West they will be will awaited by a Saloon, and children will visit many attractions and theme tents with sweets. In addition, during the fair will be held many musical concerts and theatrical performances, and in the evening the guests will see colorful fireworks. It should be noted that some festival days have a theme, or focused on a particular event, for example, by tradition, each Wednesday is the family day, and people who visited the fair on that day with the whole family will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of discount products and fun surprises.

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany, located in the north, near the outfall of the river Elbe in the North Sea. However, despite the fact that from the sea is about 100 kilometers, the port of Hamburg is the largest seaport in Germany and second largest in Europe. Hamburg is the most popular tourist city of Germany. Every day, the city has more than 150 thousand tourists. Every year in hotels stops up to 5 million tourists. In addition, it is also the greenest city, parks, gardens and green boulevards comprise 13% of the entire territory of the city. In Hamburg there you are never be bored, there are constantly held different festivals, festive parades and other entertainment events.

Date: 30/07/2009


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