To attract tourists to the Polish Gel a ship will be sunk

To attract tourists to the Polish Gel a ship will be sunk
Sank ship - a bait for the divers
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In a small Polish spa town of Gel, located on the peninsula of the same in the Baltic Sea, decided to sink a warship. This unusual decision was taken by the authorities of Gel, hoping to attract more visitors, especially divers. To do this, in Putsk Bay, 200 meters from the shore at a depth of 25 meters will be sunk the ship "Bryza". This ship K18 was in use in the Polish Navy for 38 years and was written off in 2003. The operation is scheduled for August 15. As stated at the press conference Jarosław Palkovsky, the burgomaster of Gel, this event will be held in Poland for the first time. But the world practice knows several similar events of the use of decommissioned ships.

For example, in May this year, in the United States on the coast of Florida was submerged 160-meter vessel of the Second World War, "General Hoyt Vanderberg". Preliminary preparation of the ship lasted for 2 years and cost 6 million dollars, but the authorities expect to receive in Florida from attracted tourists around 8 million dollars a year. And in 2006 in the Gulf of Mexico was also submerged the ship "Oriskani", which became the largest artificial reef of this type and thus is extremely popular among the local and foreign divers. So the hopes of the burgomaster of Gel are likely to be realized.

Helsk Peninsula Mezheja-Helska, 34 km long and a width of less than 200 meters was formed due to the sea currents, which for centuries caused to the small islands the particles of sand. Along the coast stretch convenient beaches. Gel became a fashionable resort during the period between the two world wars. Here gathered for the summer vacations performers, artists, politicians and intellectuals. Already at that time, Gel was proud of the hotels and resorts, but the most elegant hotels were located on the territory of the newly built resort Jurata. In addition, almost along the all coast there are small cozy cottages that enterprising Poles willingly lease to visiting tourists.

Date: 22/07/2009


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